haier geyser 25 ltr review

Haier Geyser/Heater 25 ltr Latest Review

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Today in this article we will read about review on Haier Water Geyser 25 ltr. Haier water geyser comes in 3, 6, 10, 15 and 25 ltr. 

Haier Geyser 25 ltr Review

In this water heater you will be getting many good features, firstly like shockproof feature, UMC Tank, Incloy 800 SS heating element, 8 bar rated pressure, TTS technology, super insulation, MUV valve, RSC technology, Magnesium rod, Water proof.

Now let’s read about Haier Water Geyser/Heater 25 ltr features in detail.

Shock Proof Technology

Shock Proof Technology makes Haier Water Geyser unique and the only water geyser/heater that can ensure user’s safety under all conditions:

  1. No earthing cases.
  2. Faulty earthing cases.
  3. All other current leakage cases.
Haier Geyser 25 ltr Review

Incoloy 800 SS Heating Element

This element is made up of iron, nickel and chromium. Incoloy heating element helps to heat the water faster maximum to its temperature and also prevents rust on heating element.

Therefore when we plan or choose to buy good water geyser, we must consider Incoloy heating element. 

RSC Technology

This technology helps water to flow and heat continuously inside the tank.

Magnesium Rod

This rod does not allow dirt to accumulate and increase the life of the water geyser inner tank.

UMC Tank (Ultra Micro Cotting)

In Haier water heater you will get Ultra Micro Cotting tank. This tank is built up from 3 layers.

  • In this tank the 1st layer is decarbonized layer; this layer doesn’t allow the pressure to come out from water heater tank and strength the water heater tank.
  • 2nd layer is adhesive layer this layer prevents from outer and inner corrosion.
  • 3rd layer is enamel layer this layer reduces the rate of expansion and contraction of water heater/geyser.

Temperature indicators

In this water heater you will be getting temperature indictor function, which will indicate and show the temperature of water inside the tank.

Temperature control Knob

Also, you will be getting the knob for easy temperature control.

Bar rated pressure

Haier water geyser comes with 8 bar rated pressure and it is very much suitable for high rise building.

Energy Ratings

 Now let’s see about star ratings of this water geyser, it comes with BEE 5-star energy ratings.


This water heater comes with 3-year warranty on product and 7-year warranty on inner tank.

Installation Service

With Haier vertical water heater/geyser installation is free, but inlet and outlet pies are not available in box. So, customer has to buy it from local market or you can get it from installation service guy buy paying them amount between INR. 300-500.  

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