Drinking Healthy Water This Monsoon

Are you drinking healthy water this monsoon?

Water Purifier

The monsoons bring relief from the extreme heat during the summers, although monsoons are a pleasant change one cannot overlook the host of seasonal diseases that rains bring along with them. Every year, one witness a number of water-borne diseases. Especially in India water contaminants, diseases such as typhoidgastroenteritisfood poisoningdiarrheamalaria, and dengue are on the rise, especially during this season. It is a good idea to drink boiled water but only Drinking boiled water alone is not sufficient as a preventive measure against water-borne diseases like typhoid, jaundice, gastroenteritis, and diarrhea which are common due to contamination of drinking water source.

We know that water plays a very pivotal role in maintaining the equilibrium of the human body, boiling water is effective in removing water-borne bacteria and viruses but does not remove chlorine content and cysts, nor does it remove turbidity and organic and inorganic impurities. Since the chances of water contamination are high during monsoons in India, you should choose a water purifier that has the ability to remove new-age contaminants. There is still a lack of attention towards the basic and most important ingredient of water. Also, people have lack awareness about the right and best water purification technologies that are available in the market.

Here comes cuckoo’s mild alkaline water purifier that is capable of producing safe drinking water that meets the standards set by the world health organization. Cuckoo water purifiers are beyond UV and UF filtration technology, Cuckoo’s Nano and Ro water purifiers not only kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses it also removes E.Coli bacteria, Noro Virus, and heavy metals from water while maintaining the good minerals thus it gives you mineral-rich mild alkaline water. 


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